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March 23 2017

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March 22 2017

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March 18 2017

so so so glad you are back! i hope you will cope with backup problem. posting on soup was part of my therapy;) it would be nice to keep these memories.
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March 16 2017

March 10 2017

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Wrestling With My Demons

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I feel like I should reblog this every day.

me too

March 08 2017

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Falls jemand fragt, im nächsten Leben werd ich Quokka.
Die sind nicht nur flauschig und putzig, die sehen auch aus als hätten sie immer spaß <3
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March 04 2017

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February 28 2017


*talks about deep personal shit online to thousands of ppl*

*cant make direct eye contact irl*

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February 27 2017

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February 26 2017

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